Asmita Duranjaya



Space 4 Art

Overview and central TP to my own exhibitions, my hosted shows and my art collections


Artist’s Bio

I paint, create, construct since my early childhood.

Art has always been a balance for my inner mental condition and a way to handle my feelings and to express myself in a nonverbal way. Making art has always been a kind of mental oxygene for me. Beside surrealism and the genres of portrait and stilllife, I like to create applied art, like book covers, event posters, cards etc. According to my faible for computer work I have more and more specialised in digital painting (tablet pen on an HP tablet laptop) and collage (several graphic software). I enjoy and discover more and more the possibilities, which the virtuality offers for artists to work in 3D.


Show ‘ALWAYS’ April/Mai 2014

SL art (3D light installation) for set of stage dance ‘I Will Always Love You‘ – Whitney Houston

Show ‘BODY & SOUL’ April/Mai 2015

Design of sets of stage for all dances of the show