Sets of Stage 'You Are So Beautiful'

For each dance the stage shows another face.

A set – elevated to fit to music, choreography and costumes.
A set – elevated to emphasize impression of dances.

set of stage for ‘Friends’


Set of stage for ‘Drums’


Set of stage for ‘Life’


Set of stage for ‘Don’t Stop’

dont stop

Set of stage for ‘Beautiful’


Set of stage for ‘Devil’


Set of stage for ‘Finale’


Stage 'You Are So Beautiful'

Stage has been built in a huge sphere with diametre of 150 m – about 580 m high in the sky.

Landingpoint outside – connected by a bridge to balcony for audiance.

You are landing on landingpoint and walking along the bridge into the sphere onto stage.

You will find

  • a balcony for an audiance of about 50 spectators,
  • the dancefloor on a basis of 40×40 m,
  • left and right two up-stages
  • and high up in the sky a small ‘upup’-stage from where dancers are able to jump down into the set of dance …
  • The smaller balcony in front covers our technic-room which was elevated to handle sets of stage.

This stage is a multisim-solution.

It has been built over the borderline of two sims – to fight the lag. The borderline separates balcony for audiance and dancefloor. So number of spectators has no influence on moving of dancers on stage.

Dance floor

is integrated into set in different ways.

You see the white transparent stripes on a clear basis – they are for orientation of dancers and basis of choreography. Different sets and kinds of moving may have different ways of orientation – signs for are mostly invisible integrated into the sets of the stage.


is streamed onto both sims the same time so audiance and dancers hear similar.


sphere 150 m

Landing place

On bridge into sphere

Bridge to balcony


Dance floor

Transparency – basic dance floor

Technic Room of stage 'You Are So Beautiful'

This is our Technic Room

From here … in sight of dancing floor of stage … we manage the changes of different sets.

Each dance has its own set.

So we change sets in short pause between the songs/dances.

The different sets are stored under the great basis floor of stage, are scirpted and can be removed by click on the different balls you see.

Each colored ball represents a set (or parts of sets). Its possible to combine different parts for special effects. There are dances where sets are changed during dance …