AnaLee Balut

Let your dream come true!

Fashion designer Analee Balut invites you:

Come and visit “ALB DREAM FASHION” Shop. You will find great textures and a colorful style, full of grace and harmony: From hippie look to haute couture, from casual to formal wear. The shop offers items to style more than just one avatar: for offer are clothes, shoes, skins, jewellery, hair, accessoires all sex

Colorful minded theatre freaks will be delighted by costumes especially created for theatre shows.
Its motto “Enlightening Exhilarating Extraordinary” dominates every aspect of the fresh refurnished shop.

Visitors simply can’t be disappointed since they find free items and a free gift every month in “ALB DREAM FASHION”. Customer, who bring some time, should take a stroll in Analee’s desert sims “A’ksha Dunes”, where her shop is located. Its oriental, african style makes it a perfect chill out area, with quite a few attractions to discover.


She designed and sponsored costumes for dances

  • Life /‘You Are So Beautiful’
  • Beautiful /‘You Are So Beautiful’
  • Finale /‘You Are So Beautiful’