Luna Myanamotu

in La Performance 01/11- 10/12

Took part in

Show ‘INSENSATEZ’ 03/12

  • Dreams
  • Can’t Stop
  • Harmageddon
  • Survive
  • River

Show ‘BORN’ 12/11

  • Volcano
  • Tell Him
  • Love
  • Surprise
  • Born
  • Burlesque

Show ‘ROMANCE’ 03/11

  • Soldier
  • Way
  • Senza
  • Bye
  • Surprise


Being on stage is not being yourself it is an out of body experience called a dancer.

In RL I was a dancer for 11 years and loved every moment. It has now been many years since I’ve danced in RL but after seeing videos of La Performance dances the old sensations of being on stage came flooding back and I knew this was my 2nd chance :)

I am so honored to be part of La Performace because this group and SL allows my quiet dancer heart to once again beat strong!