Second Life 8th Birthday - SL8B

Sunday June 26th 2011 – 2 pm slt – MAIN STAGE

We dance for you the songs:

  • Amy Winehouse: Back to Black (dance ‘Black’ – show BACK TO BLACK)
  • Nicole Kidman – Unusual Way (dance ‘Unusual’ – show ROMANCE)
  • Zucchero & Paul Young – Senza una Donna (dance ‘Senza’ – show ROMANCE)
  • John Lennon – Imagine (dance ‘Surprise’ – show ROMANCE)

Cast and choreography have been adapted to main stage of SL8B

Performing artists

Master of Ceremonies

Production leader & choreography

Tutors of dances

  • Jie Loon: dances ‘Unusual’, ‘Imagine’